At the time, eBay was known as AuctionWeb.

What exactly is Online Shopping? They are called as such because taking them at A-level gives students a broad variety of possibilities for degree studies. Simply put it is an unique type of commerce via electronic technology (known as online shopping) that connects consumers and sellers across all corners of the internet through the aid of a browser on the web. It is among the most versatile of courses, History provides an excellent route to degrees like History, Law, English and Philosophy and, beyond that, to many interesting jobs.

It is now not unusual to see online stores offering an array of goods together with pictures, specifications, features and prices to potential buyers. What are you going to study in A-level History? Therefore, there are two possible forms an online store can be able to take. The vast array of subjects and eras which can be explored within the framework of History implies that the content that is covered in A-level History will differ between schools, and also based on the examination board used. First is as a B2C store which connects business-to-customers. Within the Edexcel specification , however certain subjects that can be covered are Lancastrians, Yorkists and Henry VII (1399-1509) and the The disorder and rebellion of the Tudors (1485 until 1603); the Golden Age of Spain (1474 1598) and the witch craze that swept Britain, Europe and North America (c. 1580 until about.

1750); Industrialisation and social transformation in Britain (1759 until 1929); Britain: losing and gaining an empire (1763 until 1914). Second is as a B2B online store which connects business-to-business. What will you learn by the study of History? Whatever the case, everyone connected online Worldwide Web has engaged in online shopping. This course, which is rigorous in its intellectual content, is a fantastic opportunity for students to gain highly sought-after and transferable abilities.

The History of Online Shopping. This includes the ability in expressing complex concepts as well as the ability to study and analyse information, and then evaluate it either verbally or in writing, as well as the ability to draw solid conclusions and develop abilities to work independently. Electronic shopping was created in the hands of an English inventor named Michael Aldrich . What professions can a degree in History will lead to? The year 1979 was when he developed the first form of online shopping that enabled online transaction processing between businesses and customers as well as between businesses and business. The degree of a History related degree is beneficial for many different careers that include teaching, librarianship banking and commerce publishing, law, art galleries and museums, as well as numerous other forms of social job. The invention of the very first ever web browser, i.e. "the World Wide Web in 1990 is the second biggest supporter to online retail. The 20 best universities for the study of History.

Without the interconnected internet there would be no online marketplace in the first place. The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2022. This amazing invention known as the ‘WWW’ to Tim Berners Lee . 1. Tim Berners Lee is the primary reason that millions are connected to the internet that hosts various websites for e-commerce. University of Cambridge 2 University of St Andrews 3 University of Oxford 4 London School of Economics and Political Science 5 Durham University 6 University College London 7 University of Warwick 8 University of Sheffield 9 University of York 10 University of Glasgow 11 University of Leeds 12 University of Exeter 13 University of Strathclyde 14 = University of Southampton 14 = Loughborough University 16 Lancaster University 17 University of Aberdeen 18 University of Sussex 19 University of Edinburgh 20 University of Manchester. Since the launch of these two major platforms, the rise in online retail was only soon to come.

Below are real-world examples of what university degrees pursuing A-level History when combined with other subjects can be able to lead to. In 1994, Netscape came up with an encryption-based web security protocol known as SSL which stands for Secure Sockets Layer. Distance degree programs designed for Adults and professionals. You can ask any eCommerce owner how crucial having an SSL certificate is for their business. World History Online – Bachelor’s Master’s Degree, Master’s Degree, Doctor Ph.D. We’ll explain it in this article.

Degree. It’s true that SSL is a security feature that SSL makes it impossible or impossible for the transfer of data on websites to be compromised. Faculty of Arts & Humanities by distance learning. When purchasing something on the internet you must transmit sensitive data directly to the store.

World History via distance learning. That means you’re sending personal information, such as credit card information routers to servers. The program is focused on the study of world history , with a an emphasis on the historical experience of the political and its transformation across various countries, and the interplay between philosophy and society in every era. SSL assures that your data won’t be stored on shady servers when it’s transmitted. Our current lifestyle is a result of events in the past.

Due to the security it provides, SSL is always required for all financial transactions conducted online. 1995 marked the beginning of the greatest shift in the world of online shopping. Knowing the experiences from the past is the best method of understanding the goals and motivations that have led humanity to attain great accomplishments as well as to experience devastating catastrophes. The first online marketplaces were created. The lessons we learn from our mistakes will definitely teach us how to deal with the challenges of today. The first one was essay as the most popular marketplace online created through Jeff Bezos –yup, the richest person on earth as of 2019 and with an estimated worth of $115 billion.

If you request it the program could be tailored and targeted to research the past of a particular time period or country. There can’t be a monopoly on the internet therefore joined in the fun. Academic Supervisor: Mohammed Said Belkassem More information on this academic supervisor on Bircham University Human Network.

At the time, eBay was known as AuctionWeb. More information. It’s a good thing they changed their name. World History Online via distance learning. These online marketplaces have no secure payment gateway.

Specialist Master’s degree, Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree Doctor World History. In 1998 and PayPal is able to take a full swing in the online payment segment; and soon, it becomes a roaring success. This module is available for Specialist Expert, Bachelor’s Master’s, and Ph.D. (Doctor) Degree programs. The idea of the concept of online shopping is now becoming a reality. The academic program is designed for the graduate level (Master’s or Doctoral). Jack Ma, a failure in a variety of ways, created an extremely well-known Chinese market in 1999 that was called . This program can be altered to meet the requirements for a Specialist Diploma, Specialist, Expert Diploma and Bachelor’s degree. You’ve seen the name.

Another option is enrolling in each of the courses offered within this module of specialization. Around the turn of the 21st century in the year 2000, Google began to launch Adwords an advertising program which allows sellers to put ads on Google results related to users’ preferences for search. This course can be taken in conjunction or alongside other modules in this faculty. That is, Google brought buyers and sellers together in a more extensive way.

Examples: Ancient History – Anthropology – Archaeology – Comparative Literature – Cultural Studies – English Literature – Humanities – Language Studies – Library & Data Management – Museology – Mythology and Occultism Philosophy & Critical Thinking . Another simple, yet profound idea transformed the world of shopping online forever.

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